We help companies improve their business models and their strategic direction by leveraging the inherent strengths of the team, the competitive positioning of the company and the developing market landscape. The firm helps in the strategic assistance in prioritizing opportunities and applying capital and resources to achieve that growth.


ActiveAlpha brings extensive experience and resources to help management teams assess and capitalize on business opportunities. The team has worked across various industries and with a variety of companies: consumer, retail, hospitality, FMCG, healthcare, pharmaceutical, technology, media, and financial.


Working with management teams to assess the current cost structure and opportunities to improve efficiency, the team aspires to improve the margins that a company operates with. The firm strongly believes that operational excellence is a prerequisite for any successful business and should be a base case for all operations.


In today’s world, we strongly believe in being innovative in our approach and in the opportunities we seek. It is essential to question conventional wisdom while creating new ideas. We believe in leading the change we seek to see and help problem solve creatively to find solutions that work and are effective in our businesses.


We conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity in all our interactions. We believe that being honest and truthful about our word and our work is of paramount importance. We also expect the same from all of our partners and we will not shy from affirming our high standards on all our assignments.