“the portfolio has done exceptionally well”

“found the right balance of supporting the team and conscientious monitoring of the investment”

“invested as a strategic partner alongside our management team … working together to build and realise superior value”

“developed a close working relationship”

“firmly believe in his exceptional capabilities and strongly recommend him for his investing experience that has benefited my company to grow consistently”

“focus on investing in excellent companies with a long-term view”

“companies have also benefited from active involvement to drive change and unlock value”

“recommend … as an astute investor and leader whose keen insight of industry, analytical skill and ability to formulate a clear implementable strategy has allowed us to accelerate our growth plans and deliver exceptional returns”

“my investment portfolio has done extremely well”

“the returns on the portfolio have exceeded the benchmark significantly and generated meaningful alpha”

“a number of … early investments have delivered multi-bagger returns given … focus on high-quality companies trading at discount prices”

“has taken a hands-on role in the development of a long-term strategy for the company, improving our competitive positioning, helping improve the quality of clientele, focus on earnings growth, productivity improvement and cost reduction, stream-lining of working capital and reduction of debt”

“committed to continue benefitting from his investment prowess and ability to generate significant alpha”

“focus on high quality businesses that are undervalued has led to outsized returns over time”

“found … to be extremely knowledgeable”

“particularly impressed by how he has helped us navigate the difficult periods, being patient enough to avoid investing at the wrong time and keeping cash available to seize some of the best opportunities that surfaced in the wake of this difficult consumer environment”

“together we are unlocking the full potential of the company”

“has made key contributions to our company … enabled the brand to reach previously unreachable areas”

“allowed us to catapult our growth organically with an acquisition”

“I have come to realize and appreciate his invaluable contribution towards the company’s progress”

“much more than merely an investor, he is a true partner and colleague who is always insightful, easy to work with, and adds real value to every discussion he has been a part of”

“influencing a gradual strategic change in business clientele from a low margin domestic business to the current high margin”

“support for the company’s new … platform’s development”

“contribution to strategic positioning of its business”

“cost containment through reduction of manpower through optimum automation”

“more efficient utilization of capacities of high margin products”

“this has widened the company’s geographical foot print”

“made the business gradually more sustainable”

“helped spread the development costs over a larger product and client base”

“these initiatives have … added to the quality and sustainability of our overall business”

“a premium positioning that … contributed to market leadership”

“complete faith in his outstanding leadership abilities”

“confident … to consistently produce long-term returns for ... investors”